Walters Inc. offers consultations utilizing Rod Walters' years of collegiate experiences. Recent work has included the ever challenging topic of finances in college athletics and standards of care by athletic trainers and sports medicine staff.

Specific scope of work on recent projects included:
• Review of health care within the department and as an integral part of the institution.  The evaluation team can include physicians, administrators, and athletic trainers depending on the scope of the project.  A comprehensive scope of work is developed by Rod Walters and client, with specific goals identified.

• Provide services as an Expert Witness to review standards of care, appropriate care, etc.  Rod Walters utilizes his years of collegiate experience and extensive education to provide clients a special professional opinion.

Please contact us for information about these services. Quotes can be provided for identified topics.

Customized workshop per your group’s needs.  Walters offers his experiences in athletic training and sports medicine and can customize a workshop or educational experience for your group.  Contact him today!
Speaker services by Walters Inc.

Rod Walters has provided a myriad of presentations —topics include:
• Concussion management 
• Casting and splinting of orthopaedic injuries
• Business side of athletic medicine
• Medication dispensation in the athletics environment
• Emergency action plans for athletic training settings
• Drug Testing protocols and program implementation