Since 2007, Rod Walters has offered athletic training seminars at selected cities across the nation. More information on these sites are posted on the ATEO page of www.rodwalters.com. As an athletic trainer directing health care on the collegiate level from 1980 until 2007, Walters understands how important protocols and general procedures are to our work. Based on these needs, Walters developed annual seminars to address the topics. The sessions incorporate topics which warrant discussion and attention by athletic training staffs annually. Further, by obtaining corporate support, this education is offered at no cost to the participants and include CEU units. The seminars are a one-day format and the program schedule is available online. They were developed based on NATA Position Statements and best-case practices from leaders in the athletic training and sports medicine profession. None of the lectures will be about specific products - just best practices and good academic content about what you do as Athletic Trainers dealing with athletic injuries.


Rod Walters is an approved facilitator of Casting and Splinting workshops for 3M. The workshops are offered by 3M in physician clinics, hospitals, and athletic training rooms. Walters shares his experience in the splinting and casting of orthopedic injuries of the upper extremity. Workshops include minimal lecture coupled with hands-on experience and practice of skills. Best practices in patient care are shared. Walters has three areas of content for these workshops including casting, splinting and use of semirigid cast tape for treatment of sports participants. Contact Walters to inquire about your facility’s ability to host one of these popular workshops.



The care of concussed patients has evolved to a high interest area in sports medicine. The addition of objective measurement is practice many health care professionals request. As a consultant to Biodex, and provider of education on concussion management, Walters shares a multifactorial approach to concussion management including the objective measure of
balance and integrating this into best practices with
baseline assessment and appropriate return to play
decision making. These concepts are being
employed by leading colleges and
professional sports organization including
professional baseball umpires and the NFL.
Contact Walters or Biodex for more
information on workshops.